Unlike mass orthodox religions, disciples of this mystical spiritualism follow no guidebook with rigid definitions of what’s good and bad. Instead, they follow a spiritual path that requires letting go of the ego and appreciating being outside of one’s self.

By Shiva Sharif
Social Media Manager

After a decade working at the Poynter Institute, Julie Moos joined the McClatchy Company as the Senior Digital Editor to oversee the online transition of a publishing company that operates 30 daily newspapers nationwide.

By Nima Tamaddon
Photo Editor

By Lauren M. Williams

Sondai Costley, a sophomore at Howard University majoring in print journalism, bubbles with enthusiasm when she talks about the future.

Costley, originally from Arlington, Va., wants to write for a magazine when she graduates in 2015. She speaks with a certainty in her voice about becoming the kind of black journalist who has the skills and fortitude to write not only about issues affecting the black community but also global issues, politics, entertainment and any news story that might come her way.

It has been a hard and long 16 years.With all the immigrant populations counted all that was left was deciding who had won the ward’s popular vote. Ward 13 was hardest fought, but after three political chips, and a prior power move to redistribute the immigrant cubes, he did it. “I win,” said Michael Holzer, D.C. Game Night’s weekly game organizer.

By TJ Gioconda
Executive Producer

A Lifetime in Radio Despite audiences rapidly abandoning broadcast for digital news and entertainment media, those who “pilot the airwaves” continue to plug away, offering listeners the traditional formula of “news, traffic and weather.”
By Pat Anastasi

Rolando Sevina-Bustamante, 33, was born in Washington, D.C., the first native-born American in an immigrant family. He watched his Martiniquian father and Nicaraguan mother uproot themselves and start a new life in a new land. The success of his parents, despite many obstacles, motivates Sevina-Bustamante to win!

Lauren M. Williams
Assistant Producer