Holiday party do’s and don’ts

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  • Everything in moderation — enjoy yourself and relax, show your host your appreciation and respect by behaving professionally and sensibly. Like it or not, people will talk if you overindulge, and you will be the target of the morning-after jokes.
  • Mingle! Holiday parties are a great opportunity to meet new people and exercise your networking skills … and they provide a great excuse to talk to the cute new French exchange student.
  • As you make your way through the evening, hold your icy glass in your left hand so that your right isn’t cold and slimy when you shake hands during introductions.
  • Show your appreciation to the party organizer at the end of the evening. A big sloppy kiss might be over the top, but a simple “thank you” will work well.


  • Wear anything too short, too tight or too low-cut if the gathering is in a professional or academic environment. It may be a festive time, but even out of your daily setting, your credibility is at stake. You want your colleagues to still take you seriously after the party ends.
  • Inappropriately grope your roommate/coworker/classmate/professor and blame it on your 12th beer. Alcohol is never a good excuse for rude or offensive behavior.
  • Bring a guest unless you’re sure they’re welcome. If the invitation doesn’t mention guests, ask the host or hostess ahead of time to be sure Cousin Ralphie can tag along.
  • Double dip … enough said.

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