AU Campus Store meets students’ holiday shopping needs

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Observer photo by Adam Martin
Students purchase last-minute holiday gifts at the AU Campus Store.


Washington, Dec. 16 – Between studying for final exams and making travel plans at the end of the semester, AU students said they have little time to do any holiday shopping for their family and friends back home.

“Getting out to the mall is kind of tough anyway, but this time of year especially there just isn’t any time to get away from campus and do any real shopping,” said student Paula Freedmen.

That’s why many students end up coming to the AU campus store to buy gifts, said Samantha Schiro, a freshman at AU who works as a cashier at the bookstore.

“Everybody comes in this time of year to get all their AU apparel to bring back home for their parents or whoever,” said Schiro. “Sweatshirts, mugs, hats, anything with AU on it; parents always love it.”

Schiro said there are other reasons why students do their shopping at the bookstore. “Even though most people end up getting something that says ‘AU’ on it, there’s lots of other stuff too, like CDs and DVDs. …Plus, a lot of people use their Eagle Bucks cards too. Since their parents already put money on there for them, they can use it to buy them presents and they won’t even have to know,” Schiro said with a laugh.

Although the campus store offers convenience and variety, there are some drawbacks to one-stop shopping.

“Everything seems to be more expensive here. I think they rip you off a little bit because they know you’re in a rush and you have to buy something,” said Alison Souders, a student at AU who was at the bookstore getting her sister a sweatshirt because she “didn’t have time to get her anything else from the mall.”

Schiro said she thought some things like video games and DVDs were “slightly overpriced,” but said that with all the holiday coupons and credits students can get from book buybacks, students could still get a good deal.

“It’s the one place where you can come and know that you’re going to find something that your parents will want or that you can give to your friends, too,” Shiro said.

The holiday shopping season is almost over, but for those last-minute shoppers the bookstore will be open until Friday, Dec. 22. For a full listing of store hours and holiday specials, go to the store’s official Web site.

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