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I knew they meant well in 100 words or fewer

Photo courtesy of Jihane Abou Chabke

It’s true that I tend to take my time in analyzing things, but some things can’t wait. Living with a person dying from cancer for six months without knowing it made me realize this even more. Or was it just self-denial? Maybe I shouldn’t be harsh on myself. They tried to hide the truth from me after all. It makes me wonder though. How smart am I? The symptoms were right there. I could have researched it, right? Ignorance, or self denial — neither will bring my sister back. But it sure made me a more perceptive person.
~Jihane Abou Chabke, Alexandria, Va.

Photo courtesy of Robin Bravender

I found out where meat came from when I was two. Looking at the restaurant menu, my parents inquired what I wanted to eat.

“Does it come from a cow?”

“Pork chop?”
“Does it come from a pig?”

“Hot dog?” asked my mother, exasperated.
“Does it come from a dog?”
“I’ll have that.”

I’ve been a vegetarian for about ten years and I am still skeptical when they tell me, “Of course it’s vegetarian, honey.”
~Robin Bravender, Bethesda, Md.

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