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Jan. 30, 2008

The Center for Public Integrity has one main goal: To fulfill the mission of the press as a government watchdog that disseminates truth, and not act as the government’s stenographer. The Center aims “to produce original investigative journalism about significant public issues to make institutional power more transparent and accountable,” according to their mission statement.

CPI is a nonprofit organization. They do not advocate any particular cause; they don’t support any particular political party. According to their Web site, they refuse donations from corporations, labor unions and even anonymous donors. This non-advocacy and nonpartisan stance allows their journalism to remain independent.

Center Founder Charles Lewis.

Charles Lewis founded the Center for Public Integrity in 1990, and served as its executive director until 2006, when he was succeeded by Bill Buzenberg.

The following biographical information is provided by The Center for Public Integrity press kit and The Fund for Independence in Journalism:

Charles Lewis started his journalism career at the Wilmington Delaware News-Journal. He worked nights in the sports department. Since then, Lewis has been an investigative reporter for ABC News and a producer for the CBS News program “60 Minutes”. Under his direction, the Center for Public Integrity produced hundreds of reports. The Center has also published 14 books and won 35 various journalism awards.

The Center’s executive director, Bill Buzenberg

The Center ignored the wishes of the Justice Department in 2003 by posting Patriot II draft legislation that was supposed to be kept secret. Eight months later, their investigations revealed Halliburton was benefiting greatly from government contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq when the Center published the major U.S. government contracts online.

Bill Buzenberg took the helm of the Center of Public Integrity in 2006, bringing more than 35 years of newspaper and public radio experience with him. Before joining the Center, Buzenberg was senior Vice President of News at American Public Media/Minnesota Public Radio. He is responsible for several programming innovations and expansions including the launch of American RadioWorks, a documentary/investigative journalism unit for public radio, and a program about religion called Speaking of Faith. Buzenberg’s accomplishments include seven years as Vice President of News and Information at National Public Radio, and co-editing memoirs of the late Richard Salant, the twice-president of CBS News in the 60s and 70s.

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