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Here are few of the colorful responses researcher Mark Reading-Smith received following the release of , a comprehensive study of Bush and top officials’ public statements about Iraq’s link to al-Qaida and weapons of mass destruction:

Compiled by ADINA YOUNG
Observer Staff
Jan. 30, 2008

Since the release of the Center for Public Integrity’s latest project, “Iraq: The War Card, Orchestrated Deception on the Path to War”, thousands of bloggers have flooded the Web either with great appreciation or strong disfavor for its content.

Here is what some of the bloggers are saying:

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* Your Web site is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the left-wing media as evidenced by your biased left-wing board. And you call your organization objective. – Anonymous

* I can think of thousands (1,000’s) of reasons the press has to discredit, dishonor, and trash our president. You all hate him and you all are mostly left of center in your articles, opinions and thought processes. It does not surprise me that so much time has been devoted to “hate Bush”. I’m just a dumb old Texan who has observed that my country has not been hit since 9/11. I do not agree with our president’s spending or stance on immigration. The war has not gone well but – again – my country has not experienced another terrorist attack. My concern is that if she does, it will be when the next president is elected – and Katy bar the door if that president is a Democrat. – Anonymous

* I find it very disingenuous for a purported “news” group to come to the findings that it did. It is very easy to come to a certain conclusion when it is the conclusion you start with and then go back five years to try and find specific evidence to support it. Statistics like supposed fact can be viewed and twisted to support any conclusion, if that is the conclusion you wish to come to from the beginning. – John Loria

* Your independent study is completely flawed. Yes, Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction. Yes, every information collection agency in the world thought they did! Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United States and many other countries thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. It is extremely irresponsible reporting not to cite this fact! You are attempting to blame one man for this action. Not to blame the entire world intelligence agencies is again irresponsible. – Joe Bazo, Madbury, N.H.

* Just finished reading a “study” which put forth the statements by the Bush administration about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It told of the 935 times “false” statements about the existence of those weapons. Well I am aware of the statements by President Clinton in 1998 where he says “believe me he (Saddam) will use them”. The facts are that basically the entire world was very sure Saddam had them and would use them as he had before. Any first year high school student (when we used to teach) using the who, what, when, where, and how method or reporting would have discovered that virtually all of the Democrats and Republicans had the same mind set. And Mrs. Clinton was the one who said there were connections between Saddam and the Al Q’s of the world. There are plenty of mainstream journalists on the major television networks who still say Gore won Florida even after the folks from the Times, USA Today and other such outfits went down and recounted all the votes and discovered that Bush won. As far as I am concerned outfits like yours merely sing the song of the left wing press. The same for global warming. There are more scientists who now say we have been in a cooling period since 2001, than the global warming crowd. If one wants to really be independent, then do a real study of the U. N. and its use of our tax dollars. – Anonymous

* I would like to see your contributors’ names and amounts. You say that if over $250 you will disclose. I couldn’t find this info on your Web page. Also the over 3 million in assets, what securities, etc. are these? – Concerned citizen for TRUTHFUL reporting of facts by media and so called non-profit organizations. Thank you. – David Miller

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