Unraveling the Debt Debacle

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With each swipe of the credit card, Americans fall deeper and deeper into debt. It’s a problem that has been made worse by the weakening economy and the recent housing market crisis.

In a special project by students in Professor Wendell Cochran’s Business and Economic Journalism class and the American Observer, reporters examine the multifaceted aspects of debt.

* Observer contributors Pamela Gruver, Kelly Moynihan, Kristi Warren look at the macroeconomic view of debt to explain how we got to this state. Read their story here.

* Gruver, Moynihan and Warren also have a reference list of terms and characters in the debt debacle. Read it here.

* Observer contributors and staff members Courtney Albon, Harrison Osborne, Sakina Rangwala, Kaley Walker and Kate Willson examine debt through a series of microeconomic video vignettes looking at debt from the perspective of people fromdiverse backgrounds and coming from different income brackets. Check out the vignettes here.

* Observer contributor Katie Ezekiel explores the world of get-out-of-debt guru Dave Ramsey. Read her story here.

* Observer contributor Katherine Stump follows the Washington Post’s debt-free pundit Michelle Singletary who preaches a strict, no-lunch lifestyle. Read her story here.

* Observer contributor Michael Scher examines the world of credit counseling by for-profit and non-profit groups. Read his story here.

* Observer staff Jihane Abouchabké, Lisa Chiu, Radina Gigova and Ryan Sibley find out what it would mean to the economy if Americans all chopped up their credit cards. View the video here.

*Observer contributor Justin Fanizzi looks at groups that provide faith-based financial advice. Read the story here.

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