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Links on poverty and the economy from around the web.

By Simone Andrews & David Schultz

In this edition of the American Observer we’ve covered the issue of child poverty in D.C. The Washington Post also covered this story from a national perspective. Hispanic children are the largest group of children living in poverty, according to the Post. The Houston Chronicle also has an informative infographic that shows child poverty rates over time.

This edition of the Observer also features a video on the D.C. meal distribution group, Martha’s Table. See what other volunteer organizations in are doing to give back in Atlanta, Georgia.

Also in this edition, we’ve discussed crime rate changes as it related to the economic downturn. Check out what USA Today had to say about the crime rate in Washington due to police officers losing their positions.

D.C. isn’t the only place suffering from the lack of employment opportunities. Watch this short video on the struggles of an unemployed mother in Georgia.

Many District residents are finding themselves forced out of their homes by rising rents. The Observer looks at the causes and effects of gentrification in D.C. The Washington Post also examined this pressing issue.

The American Observer isn’t the only one who has covered the issue of homelessness. Check out this story by the New York Times, which addresses some the homeless issues in New York.

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