Low voter turnout may favor Republicans

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For an election where two seats can change the color of the Commonwealth, turnout is expected at just 20 percent, which is far from numbers in previous years.

The campaign got underway for control of House District 34 in McLean, Va.

This may be the lowest turnout in 10 years, and both Democrats and Republicans have been working to ensure people go out to vote. Despite their efforts, the 2011 race is not without its hurdles at the polls.

Redistricting has already caused confusion with many heading to the wrong precincts to vote, while voter ID cards were being issued and re-issued until yesterday.

In some areas, voters were casting provisional paper ballots because of problems with the electronic system.

Most races in Virginia are not contested. Only about a third could change hands today.

One of those is District 34 where votes went to President Obama in 2008, then swung Republican in 2009.  At the time, Del. Barbara Comstock (R) uprooted the Democratic incumbent in the House of Delegates election. Now Comstock is fighting to hold her seat against Democrat Pamela Danner.

At James Cooper Middle School today, Maria Hallas filed this audio report.

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Voter turnout for Virginia general elections have varied widely over the past decade.

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