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The editors talk about the latest issue of the American Observer.

Immigration across the southern border and a shift in U.S. military strategy continue to dominate today’s headlines. In these dire economic times, the amount of foreign aid the United States gives other countries is coming under fire. The Observer also explains where the U.S. has enacted free trade agreements, parts of which have spurred some of the frustration that led to the Occupy movements around the world, in addition to the tense economic climate. Strained U.S.-Pakistan relations are also proving contentious as the political discord between the two countries builds. As the GOP candidates demonstrate their knowledge of events unfolding on the world stage (or lack thereof), we have heard strong positions, hard-line demands and very memorable gaffes.

Our Arts and Culture section provides a rich overview of the varied multicultural experiences in the District. From some of the most unusual dishes to feast your senses on, to the most authentic nightlife spots, to the foreign film scene, our reporters discovered some gems in the area that make this a truly global region. And for those new to United States, we explore what it’s like to indulge in a Thanksgiving meal for the first time.

As 2011 comes to a close, the Observer gives perspective on some of the most pressing issues, but also paves the way forward for assessment and clarity on how world events shape America’s focus.

Yasmine El-Sabawi and Vanessa Haces-Gonzatti

Managing Editors

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