Analysts call on U.S. to reconsider Pakistan relationship

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Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of Staff of the Pakistan Army, and Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Commander of NATO International Security Assistance Force, at the 29th Tripartite Commission meeting in 2009, photo by U.S. Army Sgt. David E. Alvarado.

Political tensions continue to rise.

Political relations between Pakistan and the United States are often strained, at best. Recent events haven’t helped.

Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Hussein Haqqani, resigned in late November after a scandal erupted over a memo attributed to him, calling for the United States to help weaken the power of the Pakistani army.

News that NATO forces killed 24 Pakistani soldiers along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border sparked major protests and a political standoff between Pakistan and the United States.

Pakistan has stated it’s reassessing its relationship with American and NATO allies.

At a recent panel at the American Enterprise Institute, experts on Pakistan said the United States should do the same.

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