‘Ron-publicans’ cheer favorite son

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Susan Allen cheers for Republican primary candidate Ron Paul at a debate watch party. Photo by Meagan Shamberger, American Observer

A new breed of Republicans is emerging with a singular purpose:  Electing Ron Paul.

MANCHESTER, N.H., Jan. 8, 2012 –- “Ron-publican” isn’t in the dictionary yet, but if supporters of Rep. Ron Paul have their way, it soon may be.

Fervent supporters of the Texas Republican gathered Saturday night at a Manchester bar to watch their candidate debate his rivals at nearby St. Anselm’s College.

“It is time to show the world that Ron Paul is the choice of the troops,” said Iraqi war veteran Adam Kokesh, 29, speaking from a makeshift stage.

About a dozen service members made themselves known during the speech as a part of a group called Veterans for Ron Paul, raising money for the Revolution PAC.

An array of constitutional conservatives stood in the bar and billiard room and listened closely to Kokesh’s emphatic speech.

“I first knew about Dr. Paul in 2008, and I like him, but I was more of a Dennis Kucinich fan,” said Tatiana Moroz, 32, of North Bergen, N.J.

“Probably in the past six to nine months, maybe even a year, I started getting really into Dr. Paul. I call him Ron, but I don’t think you’re supposed to do that,” she said, then laughed.

At the billiard tables, many  supporters wore  Ron Paul 2012 apparel.

Moroz said she agreed with Paul on just about every issue, especially non-interventionism, renewed drug policy and ethics.

“I don’t really know if the government can have a moral high ground; I think that’s an individual thing,” she said.

Describing why she switched from Kucinich to Paul, Moroz said both candidates are “extremely principled, and both have excellent voting records. However, I was disappointed [Kucinich] basically folded on the universal health care issue.”

Moroz was a registered Democrat until 2011, when she switched her registration to Republican “just for Dr. Paul. I don’t the the Republicans are a bunch of wonderful people either. It’s Ron Paul that I believe in.”

Susan Allen of Cleveland says Paul is the “only hope we have to restore America.”

Allen, 46, was easy to pick out of the crowd because she was wearing a Ron Paul cheerleading outfit. She and her husband made the 16-hour drive to New Hampshire on Friday; she spent the trip putting the finishing touches on her costume.

“He doesn’t say things to be popular, that’s how you know they’re true,”  said Allen, who’s been a registered Republican since 1984.  “About a year ago on the Alex Jones show I heard about Dr. Paul and he made me rethink my conservative values.”

Paul, Allen said,is  ” the only true gentleman out there.”

Moroz said if Paul doesn’t win the nomination, she won’t vote for any one. Allen isn’t sure who will get her vote.

“He’s my hero,” Allen said about Paul. “He generally gives me hope for mankind. I know that seems really excessive but it’s so rare to see somebody that’s up there that really stands behind their convictions.”

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