Gillberg: Carpenter who turned lightweight parody into heavyweight gold

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Former WWE star now operates a Maryland wrestling school.

It all started when Duane Gill made fast friends with Barry Hardy, who was a professional wrestler with the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. An avid wrestling fan, Gill, who at the time was a carpenter, convinced Hardy to teach him the ropes.

Since then, wrestling has given Gill a life that he could have only imagined growing up in Baltimore, Md., Gill’s wrestling career took off when he did a spot-on imitation of Heavyweight Champion Goldberg one night in the locker room before a match. From then on, Gill became Gillberg, Goldberg’s pint-sized alter ego.

Goldberg won 173 matches. Gillberg lost 173 matches.

Since then, Gill has returned to an unassuming life as a carpenter. Outside the ring, Gill said his family has always been close, and he has always put family first. He has been married for 30 years. He said that his wife doesn’t get into wrestling, but she has always supported him.

He started a wrestling school, Gillberg’s Wrestling Academy, in Severn, Md., last year to give other young men and women the opportunity he had. He says that the response has been so overwhelming that he now plans to open additional schools in Florida and Arizona.

For Gill, the school is as much about teaching manners and proper behavior as wrestling. A student with a combination for wrestling skills and personality can earn a seven-figure salary.

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